The Leicester Lions Beer Festival runs on Thursday 25th till Saturday 27th July 2024.


Free entry for CAMRA members on Thursday.

Children under 12 years of age will not be allowed on site (without previous permission).


Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and are not permitted in the clubhouse.




You will need to purchase Tokens before going to the bar in the marquee. Tokens can be exchanged for drinks (and a 'glass') at the bar.
1 token = 1/2 pint or soft drink; 2 tokens = 1 pint of beer / cider, 1 (175ml) glass of wine, 1 (125ml) glass of prosecco or a glass of gin (25ml) & tonic. 1 token = 1 drinks glass (polycarbonate).


Payment for tokens and entrance fee can be made using your debit/credit card.

Pay £5 for admission at the festival entrance (per person, per day).

Free entry (for CAMRA members) on Thursday . (when presenting a valid membership card).


If you bought a Festival ticket online, bring your e-Ticket with you (printed, or show the Ticket QR code on your smart phone or device). Tokens can be purchased at the ticket desk.


If you have a Gift Voucher there is no need to wait in line - come to the front of the queue to claim your tokens.


If you have been admitted to the festival already you will not need to join the back of the queue at the entrance (for more tokens) - just come to the front and show your hand stamp.


Tokens may be purchased from Keith or Les behind the Marquee Bar (as well as from the entrance desk).



If you look under 25 please bring ID to prove your age. No sharp objects or glass will be allowed on site (your bag may be searched by our security team). You may not bring alcohol or any food items onto the site (those with special dietary requirements can bring certain food items to substitute, e.g. gluten free burger baps).

You must drink up before leaving the site - no drinks to be taken off site at the end of the evening!

Please keep off the rugby pitch!

When leaving the site in the evening, please be considerate of our neighbours and keep noise levels down.

Leicester Lions Beer Festival
Blaby Beer Festival
Leicester Lions Beer Festival

THURSDAY 25 JULY 2024:    12pm - 10pm

FRIDAY 26 JULY 2024:    12pm - 10.30pm

SATURDAY 27 JULY 2024:    12pm - 10.30pm

Children under 12 are not allowed to attend this event (without previous permission).


The bar will stop serving alcohol 30 minutes before the closing time on each day of the festival.








Rick, Les and Keith have been tasting the ales from MonsteX brewery - you can look forward to some great beers in 2024!

MonsteX brewery




(1) 8 Sail Summit About Nothing (3.5%)

A pale session ale with Summit hops giving a light crisp taste.

(2) Deeply Vale Citrastorm (4.0%)

A refreshing pale ale made with Citra hops, resulting in a pleasant session ale, bursting with the flavours and aromas of lemon and grapefruit.

(3) Craven Special Pale Ale (3.7%)

A lightly bittered pale, session beer.

(4) Craven Extra Fine Ale (4.2%)

Well balanced using the finest malt and hops. With a satisfying bitterness and a slight caramel taste topped off with a subtle aroma of tropical fruit notes.

(5) Brunswick Brewery Fafnir's Gold (5.5%)

Pacific Pale hopped with Ella and Rakau from Australia.

(6) Leatherbritches Lemongrass and Ginger (3.8%)

An award winning session ale – crisp and refreshing with lemongrass and ginger.

(7) Ilkley Mary Jane (3.5%)

A pale, refreshing citrus aroma using golden promise and crystal malts and Amarillo and Cascade hops.

(8) Wellbeck Abbey Mistress of the Robe (4.4%)

A luxurious, silky blonde beer with sweet malts and juicy hops from New Zealand.

(9) Caveman Brewery Palaeolithic (3.8%)

A light session beer with a good dose of aromatic hops. Sweet malts balance out the Grapefruit and Citrus from the US Amarillo and Cascade hops to give an easy drinking session pale ale.

(10) Brunswick Brewery Red Car (4.8%)

An American Red IPA, hopped with chinook and summit hops.

(11) Saltaire South Island (3.5%)

A clean, crisp beer with subtle fruitiness from Nelson Sauvin hops.

(12) Milestone Shine On (4.0%)

A classic straw coloured bitter with citrus notes. Maris and Otter malts and American liberty and Cascade hops lead to a tempting ale.

(13) Front Row Brewery Touch (4.0%)

Galaxy hops sourced from Australia are the signature of this wonderfully moreish, easy drinking session beer.

Touch from Front Row brewery


(14) Ainsty Killa Kiwi (5.0%)

A New World IPA. Triple-Hopped with New Zealand Pacific Gem, Rakau & Nelson Sauvin hops, then dry-hopped to give a clean crisp IPA with notes of tropical fruit. A real summer favourite.

(15) Hoskins IPA (4.0%)

A subtle IPA with Mountwood hops.

(16) Wantsum Hurricane (4.5%)

A New World IPA. A refreshing IPA brewed with Mosaic & Citra Hops, this beer packs a Citrus Punch, Oats in the Mash give a smooth mouthfeel and plenty of body to the beer.

(17) MonsteX Hazy Summer (3.9%)

A refreshing, slightly cloudy, double hopped IPA.

(18) Vocation Life & Death (6.5% Vegan)

Three kilos of Citra and Mosaic hops and 40 kilos of barley gives life to this US style IPA.

Life and Death from Vocation brewery


(19) Leatherbritches Hairy Helmet (4.7%)

Multi Award winning pale golden ale. Hops include Nelson Sauvin, Cascade and a small hint of Herkules to give the Viking some character. Subtle hints of gooseberry and lychees are to be expected.

(20) White Rose Original Blonde (4.0%)

A well-hopped, quenching beer with an emphasis on showcasing hops. Like an American Pale Ale, is an easy-drinking, approachable, malt-oriented beer, with interesting fruit, hop, and character malt notes.

(21) Orkney Boulder Beach (4.4%)

A bright, golden, single hopped American pale ale featuring Columbus hops offering herbal and lemon citrus flavours.

(22) Falstaff Brewery Phoenix (4.7%)

A nice rounded, bitter summer ale infused with Jester hops.

(23) Falstaff Brewery Violet (4.3%)

A malty traditional ale – no frills, just good drinking ale.

(24) Hoskins Hob Bitter (4.0%)

A traditional bitter with caramel and nutty tones.

(25) Leatherbritches Ashbourne Ale (4.0%)

This traditional best bitter is copper/amber in colour with a unique, malty character. This one’s for the traditional real ale drinker. Smooth, crisp and refreshing.

(26) Wantsum Imperium (4.0%)

A Classic Best Bitter using a combination of different roasted grains combined with the local grown Bullion Hops sourced from Hukin Hops in Kent.

(27) Deeply Vale Optimum (4.2%)

Well balanced, using the finest malt and hops. With a satisfying bitterness and a slight caramel taste, topped off with a subtle aroma of tropical fruit notes.

(28) Tap House Brewery Malt Teaser (4.6%)

A Traditional Bitter with distinctive deep, malt flavours blended with Pacific Jade, Cascade and Goldings hops, giving a smooth aroma.

(29) Parish Brewery Parish Special Bitter (3.9%)

A refreshing pale session ale, with a distinctive floral aroma, and mild hints of pine.

Parish Special Bitter from Parish brewery


(30) Leatherbritches Bohemian Dark (5.9%)

Brewed with a combination of 9 different malts. Rich, full bodied, smooth dark porter.

(31) Leatherbritches Berry Dangerous (5.2%)

Smooth, dark porter infused with raspberries, strawberries and a hint of blackberry.

(32) Milestone North Rock (4.0%)

A deep mahogany traditional bitter with distinctive caramel and toffee notes.

(33) Black Sheep Riggwelter (5.5%)

A dark ruby beer, Riggwelter has a wonderfully complex palate with hints of coffee, banana and liquorice, combined with a classic dry Goldings hop finish.

(A) MonsteX EH Smith Builders Best Brown Ale (4.0%)

A Kent hopped bitter with light caramel tones.

(B) MonsteX Top Rod (3.7%)

A proud Pale Ale with medium bitterness blended with Amarillo and El Dorado hops.

(C) Fat Cat Tom Cat (4.1% Gluten Free)

A Mosaic hopped, top-end session IPA.

(D) Purity Bunny Hop (3.5% Vegan, Gluten Free)

A hazy pale, dry hopped with El Dorada, Centennial and Citra hops.

(E) Leatherbritches Dovedale (4.4%)

Traditional English bitter - mid brown in colour with a pleasant malty aroma and taste.

(F) Falstaff Brewery The Good, The Bad & The Drunk (6.2%)

A dark copper, rich with a treacle and toffee malt flavour, doesn’t drink strong at 6.2%.

(G) Front Row Brewery Loosehead (5.0%)

Brewed with cascade centennial and mosaic hops.

(H) Pheasantry Dancing Dragonfly (5.0%)

The palest, golden beer packed with peachy, exotic fruit flavours. Dangerously drinkable!

Dancing Dragonfly from Pheasantry brewery


(J) MonsteX Nitro Stout (4.5% vegan)

A nitro infused Irish dry stout. Clears in the glass similar to, but tastier than, Guinness.

(K) MonsteX Class in a Glass (5.2% vegan)

A craft ale made with lashings of bohemian pilsner malt. Get it while you can – it's the last of the batch and won't be brewed again.

(L) MonsteX HELLFIRE (4.6% vegan)

A crisp and aromatic mega-hopped craft IPA. Made with East Coast hops.

Hellfire from MonsteX


(M) MonsteX Totally Hooked (3.7% vegan)

A light, refreshing session craft IPA.

In 2023, we had a selection of ciders:




Lilley's Perry and Cider

  • Cherry, 4.0%
  • Mango, 4.0%
  • Pear Perry, 6.8%
  • Strawberry, 4.0%
  • Tropical, 4.0%
  • Peach, 4.0%



Charnwood Ciders

  • Pure Charnwood, 6.5%

Check out our Gin Bar!

Gin Bar



Gin (single) measures will be 25ml. Here are the gins we were offering at the 2023 festival:


  1. Bloom: Passion Fruit & Vanilla Gin - 40%

  2. JJ Whitley: Red Gooseberry Infused British Gin - 38%

  3. The Lakes: Classic Cracked Pepper & Orange Peel Gin - 46%

  4. The Botanist: Islay Dry Gin with 22 Island Botanicals - 46%

  5. Bombay Sapphire: Vapor Infused Export 10 Botanical Gin - 47%

  6. Sipsmith: Strawberry Smash Gin - 40%

  7. Sipsmith: Hand Crafted & Copper Stilled Gin - 41.6%

  8. Masons: Yorkshire's Boldly Aromatic Gin - 42%

  9. Morrisons: 3 Kings Frankincense & Myrrh Gin - 37.5%

  10. Gordon's Morello Cherry Gin - 37.5%

  11. Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin - 37.5%

  12. Gordon's Mediterranean Orange Gin - 37.5%

  13. Gordon's Tropical Passion Fruit Gin - 37.5%

  14. Gordon's Fig Leaf Dry Gin - 37.5%

  15. Gordon's Premium Pink Gin - 37.5%

  16. Beefeater: Blood Orange Gin - 37.5%

  17. Beefeater: Pink Strawberry Gin - 37.5%

  18. Beefeater: Rhubarb & Cranberry Gin - 37.5%

  19. The Distiller: Crafted Elderflower Gin - 37.5%

  20. The Distiller: Crafted Raspberry Lemonade Gin - 37.5%

  21. Kopparberg: Strawberry & Lime Gin - 37.5%

  22. M&S: Spiced Sugar Plum (Warm Mince Pie!) Gin - 20%

  23. Greenall's: Fresh Blackberry Infused Gin - 37.5%

  24. Greenall's: Pineapple Gin - 37.5%

  25. Greenall's: Sweet Blueberries Gin - 37.5%

  26. Greenall's: Wild Raspberry, Cranberrues & Blackberries Gin - 37.5%

  27. Whitley Neill: Distiller's Cut - Super Botanicals Gin - 43%

  28. Spirits of Virtue: Rhubarb & Ginger - 0%

  29. Clean G: Botanical Spirit Crisp Juniper - 0%

  30. Strykk: Distilled Tones Juniper, Sage, Basil, Coriander - 0%

  31. Larios: Mediterranean Citrus 12 Botanicals Gin - 40%

  32. M&S: Christmas Orange Gin - 20%

  33. Morrisons: Pineapple & Coconut Gin - 37.5%

  34. Morrisons: Peach & Orange Gin - 37.5%

  35. Diamond Spirits: Pink 47 (10 Botanical) Gin - 47%

  36. Asda: Two Tone Pear Drop Gin - 40%

  37. Gordon's: Chilli Infused Gin - 37.5%

  38. Victorious: Dutch Regal Fresh Fig Infused Gin - 40%

  39. Bombay Sapphire: Vapor Infused Spearmint + 10 Botanicals Gin - 40%

  40. Bombay Sapphire: Roses, Lemon & Lime + 10 Botanicas Gin - 40%

  41. Greyson's: Triple Distilled Rhubarb Infused Gin - 30%

  42. Tanqueray: Marmalade (Paddington Bear) Signature Export Gin - 37.5%

Gin Selection


A selection of wine, prosecco and soft drinks will also be available.



Hot dogs and samosas available on Thursday 25th July.

Samosas, beefburgers and bacon paninis available on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July.

All meals on the menu cost 2 TOKENS


If you're drinking you'll need a polycarbonate glass on entry - a pint 'glass', prosecco, wine and/or gin 'glass' - each one costs 1 TOKEN and can be swapped for a different 'glass' at the marquee bar.


The wine 'glass' provides a 175ml serving, the Prosecco 'glass' is for a 125ml serving and the gin 'glass' can be used for a 25ml serving, topped up with tonic water. Choose a pint 'glass' if you want to buy any soft drinks.


Admission to the Beer Festival costs £5 (per person, each day). If you haven't bought a ticket in advance you may pay for admission on each day (at the entrance desk). Please bring a debit or credit card with you to pay for admission and drinks/food tokens. We operate a cashless bar in the marquee.


FREE ENTRY FOR CAMRA MEMBERS (Thursday) - proof of membership must be shown.



If the venue is nearing maximum capacity on any of the festival days, only those who already have tickets will be allowed in.


All profits will be donated to local charities.




Tickets will be available to buy until 2 days before the event.



£5 per person, per day, for admission

Buy your ticket in advance and save £2.25 (get a free token to exchange for a 'glass').


£5 Admission price (Thur/Fri/Sat) - please purchase your tickets online (in advance of the festival).




Please bring a debit/credit card to make your payments.


If you have bought tickets in advance (either raffle style tickets or e-tickets online), please remember to bring them with you. E-tickets can be either printed out or displayed on your smart phone or tablet. If you have lost your ticket you will need to pay again for admission.

Your e-ticket will show a QR code - this will need to be scanned, so please make sure any printouts are clear.

You can purchase extra tokens at any time at the entrance desk.

Once you have been admitted (have had your hand stamped) you can jump the queue when purchasing more tokens - no need to join the back of the queue!


No refunds can be given and any leftover credit on your e-Ticket will be donated to our nominated charity.

No replacement Tickets will be offered - if you lose your Ticket (and any credit on the Ticket), you will need to pay for admission again and buy more tokens - please look after your Ticket.





Tokens can be bought at the Festival entrance and exchanged for drinks at the marquee bar or for food.


Admission fee = £5 on each day of the festival (CAMRA members admitted free on Thursday)


Each polycarbonate 'glass' costs 1 token (get this for FREE if buying your ticket in advance).


1 PINT COSTS £4.50, 1/2 PINT COSTS £2.25


1 token = £2.25


2 tokens = £4.50


3 tokens = £6.75


4 tokens = £9


6 tokens = £13.50


8 tokens = £18


10 tokens = £22.50


15 tokens = £33.75


20 tokens = £45


25 tokens = £56.25


30 tokens = £67.50


40 tokens = £90



2 tokens for one pint of real ale / beer / cider / lager

2 tokens for one 'glass' of Gin (25ml) & Tonic

2 tokens for a 175ml 'glass' of Wine or a 125ml 'glass' of Prosecco

Soft drinks and 1/2 pint of beer or cider costs 1 TOKEN.




Sponsors & Supporters

Please consider sponsoring the 2024 Leicester Lions Beer Festival - view the Sponsorship Opportunities.

Many thanks to the following companies for sponsoring and supporting the Leicester Lions Beer Festival in the past. Visit their website to find out more about them.

EH Smith builders merchants

One of the largest independent builders merchants and timber merchants in the UK, EH Smith stock a huge range of building supplies for Trade and DIY.

From Bricks and Timber to Garden Landscaping, Paint and Tools, EH Smith have everything you need for DIY and home improvement. They are the local merchant on your doorstep. What’s more they deliver too!

For sales or advice, please call 0116 275 0999 or email leicester@ehsmith.co.uk.

Churchgate Auctions

Churchgate Auctions Ltd draws on over 40 years of experience to provide a market leading Auctioneering and Valuation service to the Leicestershire and Midlands region.
"We have an auction that will suit your needs".

0116 287 4856

Sheldon Bosley Knight

Sheldon Bosley Knight is experienced in all areas of property management. Our estate agents are well-versed in the locations they cover, including Evesham, Kenilworth, Kineton, Leamington Spa, Pershore, Shipston-On-Stour, Winchcombe, and Chipping Campden. They also have extensive experience in rural and agricultural services, Planning and Architectural services, Survey and Valuation Services & Block Management.

01789 387 887


NEXT clothes are styled by its in-house design team to offer great style, quality and value for money with a contemporary fashion edge. Shop online or from one of more than 500 stores in the UK and Eire and around 200 stores in 40 countries overseas.

0333 777 8000

Foxes Recruitment

Foxes Recruitment (Leicester) was founded in 2019 by industry professional Kyle Hoy. Having worked in the recruitment industry since day one of his working life Kyle brings the team a wealth of experience so Foxes can compete to be one of the best agencies in Leicester.

0116 366 9006

SKM Design Absolute Health Clinic Robert Maddock Opticians Richer Sounds Sharman Fielding Diamond Wood and Shaw PW Circuits Revolution Shirts Excel Windows Meridian Blinds Owen Bennett Consulting Group Ltd McQueen Wealth Management RoamDome Healthcare Supply Solutions Twins Home Improvements ASW Print and Promo Hyphen Marketing Go Inspire IT 3000 Towers and Keightley JWA Tooling Josiah Hincks Solicitors Palmers Garden Centres Sign Here Nest Estate Agents

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at our previous Beer Festivals in Cosby and Blaby, helping to raise over £25,000 for local charities. We look forward to seeing you in Countesthorpe in 2024.

• Les Szabo, Oadby & Wigston Lions Club •

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